Diving Club

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idc staff Instructor

efr Instructor trainer

PADI 314614

Mark has been diving all over the country for the last several years and loves to find interesting and unique places to dive. He also loves so share his love with diving by teaching and exploring new dives sites from oceans, lakes, rivers, mines, and even old missile silos. Mark enjoys the adventure side of diving, recovering old objects from the bottom or searching for something lost.




What a great instructor! He Made learning so much fun and exciting. I feel so much safer now when i go on my vacation knowing I have the Skills of a pro.

David Crane

This class was so much fun and exciting I could not have wanted a better instructior. Thanks again for making this such a great class.

Martin Pool

Boats WE USE


Entry is a giant stride from the boat deck.  Exit is from large stern mounted swim-steps. Most dives are next to the island in depths from a few feet to about 60 feet.  It is possible to do deeper dives but not required.  The boats stay anchored during the dive using both a bow anchor in front and a stern anchor behind.  Each dive lasts about an hour or less depending on the divers air consumption.  There are typically three or four dives per day.

Marissa Dive Charters

Fill up to 40% NITROX onboardHigh pressure air and NITROX fills (up to 3500psi)
Quarterly Air Quality Analysis, Grade: CGA-E
TRIMIX is reserved for full boat charters. If you require TRIMIX, we require 5 days prior notice and tanks will be filled onboard 24-48 hours before the trip. Hot Outdoor Shower / Hot Private Shower, Salon with Covered Seating, Large Swim-step and Ladder