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torid pulse marksman Distinctive Specialty

This course covers the knowledge and techniques required for the safe use of the Torid Pulse Underwater System (TPS) .The Torid Pulse System serves a range of purposes that include getting your buddy’s attention, Alerting dive boats location at the surface, letting students have fun wile having a safe diving experience.


AVAILABLE Distinctive Specialty Classes:

Whale Shark Awareness

Coming soon!

The purpose of the AWARE Whale Shark Awareness Diver course is to introduce divers and snorkelers to whale sharks and familiarise them with proper recreational diving techniques for responsible interaction.

AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Course 

Coming soon!

Overfishing, bycatch and finning. You know that shark populations worldwide are facing  tough challenges. Luckily divers can help  secure a brighter future for sharks. Get ready to mobilize your troops into action. Teach the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty.

Self Reliant Diver

Coming soon!

When the buddy system works, it works well, but many divers are often left in precarious situations by a bad diving partner. The purpose of the Self-Reliant Diver programme is to provide exposure to the skills needed to extricate oneself from such a situation and to emphasise the importance of proper dive planning as a means to avoid such situations in the first instance.